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Nora Wall is the broker and founder of Cultivate Realty, a boutique real estate firm servicing the Greater Austin area. Nora began her professional real estate career in 1997 to provide exceptional service to her clients. She built a solid reputation among her clients and peers by becoming an expert in the local housing market and approaching every transaction with tenacity and attention to detail while allowing her compassionate and cheerful demeanor to put those around her at ease. Nora owes a large part of her career’s success to her clients. By providing superior customer service and building solid relationships with her clientele, she has the satisfaction of working primarily from referrals. There is no better endorsement or demonstration of trust than a previous client recommending their family and friends. 

In 2018, Nora decided to take her wealth of experience and establish her brokerage company. Beginning as Nora Wall & Company, she continued to provide exceptional customer service to her clients. Soon other agents approached her, asking her to be their broker and mentor. Nora extended her passion for helping others by helping other agents provide exceptional service to their clients and helping them to grow their businesses. Her passion for seeing her agents succeed and grow led her to realize that it was time to give the company a name that reflected her and her agents' vision - Cultivate Realty. Cultivate Realty reflects Nora and the team’s relational approach to business and real estate. By cultivating relationships, providing exceptional service, and tools to grow their business, Cultivate Realty empowers and guides REALTORS to grow their business while enjoying rich relationships with their clients and each other. 

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